Film Making

Where Can I Go to Learn Film Making?

There are several alternatives when it relates to film making schools. At the Los Angeles Film School, you will find the art of film making by actually making a film. Your first seven days you will be treating camera, and by the time you are ready to graduate you will more than likely have made many films during the span of every twelve months.

The Los Angeles Film School campus is located in the heart of Hollywood. Where better to learn film making than in the town that made it famous. You will learn film making on the corner of Vine and Sunset where the school is located. You will be only a few steps far from The Kodak Theater, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The LA Film School boasts a faculty of Hollywood professionals who have credits on films like Spider-Man, The Matrix, and Blade Runner. They bring with them their years of experienced to aid you become the best film maker possible. You will be instructed directing, producing, screenwriting, the art of cinematography, production design, everything they believe will be useful in the career of a film maker.

While practiced and location are essential, the course of study is of the most up-to-date in technological film production. This state-of-the-art curriculum in film making is one of a kind and cannot be found any place else. This school is the best place to begin a career in film production.

The members of the faculty are the contemporary film makers, the students, the film makers of tomorrow. It is the mission of the LA Film School to send the next generation of film makers into the industry filled with self- self assurance in their abilities, a sense of excellence, and a love for movie making.

The five biggest reasons to attend the Los Angeles Film School are:

1. The small class size and a hands-on environment.
2. The faculty of professional film makers that are devoted to teaching the craft.
3. The modern facilities.
4. You will keep all rights to any films you make.
5. The reasonable cost of your education.

The school is found in the heart of Hollywood, and is surrounded by the major movie studios and the film industry business. You will be within strolling distance of most of the studios you have, until now, only dreamed about employed by.

While no film school will guarantee you an enduring job when you graduate, you will get to know your instructors who ARE the film making business. They will be in a position to provide you with instruction on the best way to set about breaking into the film making business. Your instructors want you to succeed by teaching you everything you ought to be able to develop a career in the film making industry.


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