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Filming is simply an enjoyable activities regardless of where you work. You will share the experience with friends, and every year films that shatter income from the box office are as huge as ever. Films were never better to watch either. The phone, mobile, monitor, television or nearby movie theatre may be used. So a metric tone of film applications are available, which do all sorts of different things. Let’s look at best movie app android

We would also like to mention Letterboxd in honour of (Google Play link). It is a social network for film lovers to chat, speak, and suggest films.


CineTrak is an app to monitor movies and TV shows. You join all the films and shows, and the app tracks all the films you saw. It also works with shows and movies that you want as a discovery channel. It collects IMDb, Trakt, Metacritic and Rotten tomatoes reviews and content. The interface is sufficiently easy to use, and the app provides a rundown of your film experience. The base price is 3.99 dollars, so it goes up. The edition of $99.99 includes a top blogger badge and passwords for some others so that you can purchase and exchange them if you like.

The Criterion Channel

The Criterion Channel is a dedicated film source. It has a bunch as you would think in the Hollywood blockbusters. It also contains, though, an indie list, foreign films and things from the art world. This is a brilliant way to introduce yourself to the next few layers of theatres. The service is a little costly and the app needs more improvement but we like the main concept a lot and normally glitches are temporary.

DVD Netflix or Redbox

They are film applications for Blu-ray and DVD rental. DVD DVD DVD Netrlix’s rates are as low as 7.99 dollars a month and go up to 14.99 dollars a month. Redbox has a leasing structure every day. Redbox may be better, but video buffs get more out of a Netflix DVD rental for the price of people that are rarely watching movies. In other circumstances, you rent the movie and watch it and then you return, as you did with BlockBuster during the day, when you’re done. The two programmes most of the time perform well enough.

Google Tv

Google TV is one of the best streaming films applications on Android (formerly GooglePlay Movies & TV). You buy and watch movies and TV shows as much as you want. For offline use, if appropriate, you can also download. There are many wonderful apps, among them Vudu, Amazon Prime Video and others. However, we like Play Movies for Android users because they are connected to your Google account, 4K playback is supported (on certain movies), and it’s easier to use. If you use some of those other programmes now, though, continue to use them by any way.

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